About Us

At Campus Utotem We Believe in "Quality Over Quantity"


12669440_10207425961680289_7673969319659990521_nWelcome! Our names are Rick and Cindy Williams. We purchased Campus U-Tote-Em in 1990, but our eatery was originally established in 1947. The highway in front of the restaurant, known as 8th Avenue, used to be the main highway to Spokane and we were one of the main stops. There have been five owners in the 55 years since the restaurant was established.

Our philosophy is simple-"Quality over Quantity". We believe that you can go to any fast-food business for quantity, but when you come to Campus U-Tote-Em, you will always get the freshest, highest quality product out there-not to mention the fast and friendly service that Campus U-Tote-Em is known for. The secret seasoning used on our hamburgers gives the added flavor that sets them apart from our competitors. Campus-U-Tote-Em also makes and sells our own tarter sauce. It is no wonder we were voted the "Best Hamburger in Kittitas County!"

Our Story

Photo By: Sara Gettys

Our restaurant employs about 10 part-time employees, most from the local high schools and Central Washington University. Our three sons have all learned the family business at an early age and continue to work with us at the drive-in to make it the very best it can be. In 1984 a dining room was added for additional indoor seating. We also have plenty of outside seating.

Campus U-Tote-Em is known through the generations. In the 50's, 60's & 70's, high school kids would hang out and eat in their cars outside the restaurant. Folks love to bring their children and grandkids in and reminisce about their favorite hangout from when they were in high school. Our local pro football and baseball players like visiting us when they are in town. You might see Drew Bledsoe, John Kitna or Brian Habib enjoying a burger basket and fries with their buddies.

Print"Quality over Quantity" will always be our motto with our customers being #1! Campus U-Tote-Em will continue to offer a fresh, quality product with our fast and friendly service. Come in and visit us soon and remember, "We didn't invent the hamburger, we just perfected it!!"


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